Topics of Interest

Topics of Interest for Submission Include, but are not limited to :



Advances in Image Processing and Colorization

Information Systems Management

Software Systems Development and Applications

Artificial Intelligence and Applications

Information Technologies for Management

Ubiquitous Home Healthcare

Agent Based Computing

Information Technology for Management

Wireless Sensor Networks

Business Information Technology

Internet of Things


Big Data Analytics

Knowledge Acquisition and Management


Cryptography and Security Systems

Language Technologies and Applications


Cyber-Physical Systems

Lean and Agile Software Development


Computational Optimization

Multimedia Applications and Processing


Computer Science and Systems

Multimedia, Interaction, Design and Innovation


Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms 

Programming Languages


Frontiers in Network Applications and Web Services

Systems and Simulations


Gamification Software for Education and Enterprises

Semantic Information Retrieval


Information Technologies for Logistics

Smart Energy Networks and Multi-Agent Systems  


Information Technology

Scalable Computing


Innovative Network Systems and Applications

Software Engineering